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BRAZIL, Rio de Janeiro

TV Interview in two parts, in English with Portuguese subtitles for BOA VANTADE ENTREVISTA in connection with The 25th International Congress for the History of Science & Technology 


FINLAND, University of Helsink

Johtaako luonnontiede sekularisaatioon? – John Hedley … – YouTube

Filmed lecture on Science & Secularisation in connection with the plublication of the Finnish translation of Galileo Goes to Gail and other Myths About Science & Religion ed. Ronald Numbers


Short interview in English, recorded at the summer school Explorations – What is Life? organised by The Ian Ramsey Centre, University of Oxford and The University of San Francisco, Quito
SCOTLAND  University of Edinburgh School of Divinity.
 Series of three 1 hour lectures:
Galileo, Darwin, Einstein: Science, Religion, and the Changing Conceptions of Nature


ENGLAND Ian Ramsey Centre, Oxford University


ENGLAND University of Cambridge

Interview with John Hedley Brooke | Darwin Correspondence Project

Sound only, with transcript